A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

As Nero, walk up 5th Ave. in NYC. Have profound and mundane thoughts along the way. Look cute, feel cute. 

Note: You'll need to be online to play, otherwise the Google Street View images won't load. Known issue: If you progress too quickly, sometimes you'll run out of Google API calls. Sorry. That means Nero explores a terrifying white-red void. Sometimes, the Google API will also return the same screen twice. Consider... consider it a metaphor.


A game by @onidavin and @LindsayPavlas for #RuinJam.

Thanks to @FuzziestKitty@whitneyarner, @JayFrosting@plusgreg, & @Veeren_Jubbal for thought suggestions.

Font used is Silky Wonderland, courtesy of Jelloween. Nero's sprites by @inurashii.

Google maps for the images, thanks Google API!

PlatformsWindows, macOS


Walking Simulator 2015 - Mac.zip 7 MB
Walking Simulator 2015 - Windows.zip 7 MB