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The world is coming to an end. This ending is an opportunity, though. What will come after we fade away? Shape what comes next by choosing the seed of the future. Explore a space and discover the 52 stories that make up the game.

Controls: WASD to walk, Mouse to look, Left click to pick up, Right click to rotate. Space jumps, shift runs.


Programming, writing, music, and some art by Davin Pavlas (@onidavin)

"Skateboard" and "Crushed Can" by Lindsay Pavlas (@LindsayPavlas)

Paintings by Francisco Goya, Henry Fuseli, John Martin, and Leonora Carrington

Music made using the Tyrell synthesizer (https://www.amazona.de/amazona-de-freeware-synthesizer-tyrell-n6-v3/)

Static noise by Mbazzy https://freesound.org/people/Mbazzy/

Thanks to the Dreadzone creative community for the support!

Asset List

This game uses a ton of Unity Asset Store assets! Some are free, some are paid, and some are modified. 


Preservation - Windows.zip 168 MB
Preservation - Mac.zip 174 MB

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